Hey, there friends, have you been wanting to get your 911 Porsche Windows Tinted… Or any Porsche model tinted?

Check out this one… I did it again.

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Yet another local tint shop could not tint a back window on this 2019 Porsche 911 Targa… The customer brought it to me at the Greenville Luxury Porsche Dealership to get it done.

I am not going to lie, it’s not an easy back window to tint… Even with 20+ years of practice in the industry, but many can’t do it, I can.

By the way, I have been tinting for the Greenville Luxury dealerships for just over a year now… Pre-loading all the new lot cars with window tint.

Windows Tinted In Greenville SC

On this back window, we did a 35% IR Ceramic film…The customer wanted to block out a lot of the heat from the sun.

As a result here is a short video I did of the tinted car back window.

Meanwhile next time your thinking of getting your windows tinted come to find me… Let’s get it done!

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Windows Tinted In Greenville SC

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Windows Tinted In Greenville SC

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