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To earn the Seal of Recommendation, a window film manufacturer must prove that its product sufficiently and safely “aids in the prevention of sun-induced damage to the skin.”

“The potential impacts of global warming are unmistakable. Adding more days of deadly heat, and serious public-health risks,” Linda Adams, the state’s secretary for environmental protection.

Protect Yourself From Skin Cancer With Window Film On Your Vehicle

Therefore The Skin Cancer Foundation Recommended as an effective UV Protect-ant wants to remind you that stopping the skin cancer epidemic starts with our children.

* While in the car, shield your baby from direct sunlight coming in through the windows with UV-blocking window film. That is to say, fortunately, the “window film” revolution is gaining momentum.

In other words, it began with automobiles in the 1990s.

Research showed that drivers with left-hand drive developed more skin damage on the left side of their bodies. While those with right-hand drive developed more damage on the right.

Protect Yourself From Skin Cancer With Window Film – The reason?

UVR streaming through the driver-side windows.

“Long-time drivers are found to have rougher, more pigmented skin with greater solar damage on their driver’s side,” noted Albert Kligman, MD, Ph.D., emeritus professor of dermatology, University of Pennsylvania Medical School, Philadelphia.

All of a car’s windows filter out the sun’s short-wave. UVB rays —all glass will filter UVB, in fact. — But only the windshield in cars comes partially treated against the sun’s UVA rays.

However, for several years in all 50 states, transparent UVA-filtering film has been available for vehicles’ side and back window glass.

It screens out almost 100 percent of UVB and UVA, without reducing visibility.

Perfect Darkness Tint only carries the best film on the market today.

3M film and this Seal of Approval from the Skin Cancer Foundation is the reason why.

Perfect Darkness Tint believes that your Health and Safety is our concern.

Protect Yourself From Skin Cancer with Perfect Darkness Tint.

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