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About This Home Window Tint Near Me

Home Window Tint Near Me Firstly, Residential Window Tinting is the key to staying cool and saving big and thats why we got Tint On Our Home. As the hot sunny days are coming…the temperatures will be rising…after that, the sun will be beating in through your home’s windows so your energy costs will be rising as you try to keep your home cool and comfortable! Did you know that you can block the heat and UV rays from entering your home. Cut down on screen glare plus provide security, privacy and curb appeal to your home by tinting your home’s windows like Claire & Jimmy Orr did with their home!  

“The tint on our home looks great and provides privacy and reduces heat from the afternoon sun just as Jeremy said it would. Thank you, again Jeremy!” ~ Jimmy Orr   In other words Claire & Jimmy are now reaping all the benefits from understanding both the immediate and long term value of investing in tinting their home’s windows! 

Solar Energy Heat Rejection Window Films

Using Solar Energy Heat Rejection Films helps control the temperature within the home both in the summer and winter. You will save money by using less expensive electricity to cool your home in the summer. You will also be more comfortable in the winter. Window films also act as an insulator to keep your heat from escaping through the windows.    

Solar Energy Heat Rejection Films blocks out 99% of those nasty cancer-causing UV rays. These films help to save your curtains, flooring and furniture. Exposer to the sun can cause fading and deteriorating over time. 

Some homeowners choose to only apply window film to the side of their home which gets the direct sun. While this will have an effect on the amount of heat and UV rays that are rejected. They are not at all maximizing their investment or long term savings! 

Therefore The Big Secret To Tinting Your Home Windows…

The real secret to maximizing your window film investment and your long term energy savings by having your home’s windows tinted is…drum roll please…to make sure that you apply window film to ALL the windows in your home…not just the windows in direct sunlight!   Even your home’s windows which are not directly exposed to the sun will allow summer heat in and winter heat out! The direct sun heat you block on the sunny side can still enter into the house as ambient heat. Heat gets through the windows which are not directly in the sun and that don’t have window film applied.  

You don’t have a “closed loop” or “sealed envelope” as they say. By not applying window film to all of your home’s windows still let’s heat and cold through. To a degree this defeats the purpose you are defending against when wanting to control the temperature in your home. It gets through the un-filmed windows!  

However there are various different window films available for use on your home. Depending on your requirements…different shades of film…security film…decorative film or even full privacy film are available.   Finally, call…text or email me with any questions you may have about the types of films available or having window film applied to your home’s windows. I’d be happy to answer your questions.    Or you can book a time 24/7 online at https://www.perfectdarknesstint.com/services/residential-window-tinting/ for me to come out to your home, get measurements and go over the window film options to best meet your needs.   In conclusion it’s a perfect time to tint your home’s windows and start saving on your energy costs this summer! 

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