When I lived in a different state back in 2019 I received an email. The email said; Perfect Darkness Tint is selected for the Best Of Window Tinting Service Award.

But I never applied to or entered to win this award and to my knowledge no one else nominated me or my business… So I was suspicious.

Needless to say, I did not bite or fall for their scam… And as a consumer you shouldn’t either when you are comparing window tint companies.

In fact this is how I found out it was a scam… A potential customer was comparing my 5 Star business with another local shops reputation. He said this other shop was awarded the best of Greenville Window Tinting service award for the last two years.

But the apples were not the same and something was not adding up… In order to compare apples to apples you need to dig deeper to get all the right facts for yourself. Don’t just take someones word for it. I like to say, window tinting is not quite as permeant as a tattoo but it is pretty permeant so be informed and take your time… It will help save you time, money and potentially a headache in the long run.

Vanity Awards

Vanity Awards Scam

Vanity Award Scams

Best Of Window Tinting Service Award Deception Brought to My Attention

Because this person I was talking to told me that this other company was voted best window tinting in the area for the last two years… it was in my space, my energy field and I sat with it but something did not sit right. So I had to look into it… Something about it also felt familiar too. After looking all over Google trying to find where this award was from and how it worked… seeing this award posted on the competitors website and social media profiles but had no link to the source of it, to proving anything… I remembered… an email years ago with the same award claim. I looked in my inbox and found it, posted below.

Legitimate awards are not handled the way you’ll read about this particular award down below.

Typically in a legitimate awards program one is nominated first, then voted on or vetted somehow by a 3rd party. You should also be able to go to the source of the award’s website and view a list of results of winners of the award from previous years.

…Congrats! You’ve Won a Fake Window Tinting Service Award!

Now the award itself is real…the winning is not.

There is no committee in your town that goes around determining who gets this particular award.

That is to say, the company behind the false awards makes their money by preying on companies and selling them awards.

Moreover the e-mail comes out of nowhere, with an award you didn’t apply for.

Here is a screenshot of the Window Tinting Service Award email I got years ago:

Window Tinting Award?

This is a link I found to their generic website: https://local.notificationbusiness.com/

Here is a link to their negative rating on the BBB (Better Business Bureau) profile site: https://www.bbb.org/us/wa/seattle/profile/awards/business-recognition-1296-90005741

Where the BBB has a alert for this Business Recognition Award Program company that says:



Based on BBB files, Business Recognition allegedly contacts companies via email advising it has been selected for a, “…Best of…” award. It is also alleged companies are advised it will cost $149 for the award plaque.

BBB attempted to contact Business Recognition via mail and email; the company does not provide a phone number. BBB received returned mail from 93 S. Jackson Street #69619, Seattle WA, 98104 indicating ‘Box Closed.’ As of today, BBB has not received notification that the email was undelivered; BBB has not received an email response from the company.

BBB researched, http://local.local-best.com/.  The website was registered on September 4, 2015 by Chris Bernard in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The company appears to have multiple websites containing specific city names; appearing local to the companies it’s advertising to.

The BBB could not locate any business registration, business license or business ownership information.

When a company wins an award, it will not be asked to pay for the plaque/trophy.

If you look on their website it says: Returns are accepted within 30 days of the date of purchase for a full 100% refund to the credit card used for the original transaction.

Yup, they are in the award selling business.

Real Awards Don’t Cost Money

And that beauty of an award pictured above is selling for about $200.

Hey, showing off fancy awards gives fans, friends, followers, clients and your momma a belief that you’ve achieved something…I get it.

But buying an award is NOT the way to go about building authority and trust.

And when consumers realize that the awards you are displaying have been bought for the sheer purpose of building authority and trust…well, your credibility is shot and no amount of money or awards can restore that.

…Now you don’t have to buy their award trophy and you can take the free image they send in the email and post it on your website or social media and act like your the best but let’s be real… no one voted for you… no one nominated you… and no one is judging your business as the best so you did not win anything.

Meanwhile, note that this award program does not list the local businesses for Window Tinting Service Award or any other local businesses they claim won the award.

If you run across a business that says they won a Best of award, ask them to prove it… ask for a link to where its listed on another site that shows they won something and ask how it was won.

When looking for the best window tinting service company to do business with, it is a good idea to check out the positive and negative reviews for the businesses your looking at… you want to look at the reviews on Google, on Yelp, on Facebook and the Better Business Bureau.

For example:

  1. Is the company accredited and do they have an A+ rating with the BBB?
  2. Do they have a 5 Star rating on Google?
  3. How many total reviews do they have?

I would check, how many 1 star reviews do they have and can you feel into those negative reviews and see how they were responded to in order to get a feel for both the reviewer and that business?


The 3 things one should compare when price shopping for window tinting services:


  • Quality of Film… What brand of film is it? Also what line/type of film within that brand? This will lead one to more understand the benefits or pros and cons of the window film… how the film performs against each other.  It’s is very important if you are looking for the best IR heat rejection in your window tint.
  • (most important) The Installer… If you don’t have an experienced installer it doesn’t matter what type of film you use. You want a Master Tinter to work on your windows to guaranteed the job comes out right.
  • Business Reputation…  What is their Google over all rating? How many five star reviews do they have? What does their BBB rating look like? Make sure to check out the reviews on Yelp and Facebook. Cross check everything… Make sure to look at any negative reviews also. How did the company respond to any negative reviews? If you know what your looking for, you can see if the owner/manager and or employees, ie, the company as a whole has integrity or not… Attitude makes a huge difference.

Credibility is earned not bought. It’s an integrity thing!

Make sure to find social proof!

Without social proof, beware of the Scam… it’s a falsehood and don’t be deputed.

You can check out our reviews on our Review Page!

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Thanks for reading and taking to time to find out the truth of Window Tinting Service reputation. Thanks to the customer that brought this to my attention.

All the best,

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♬ Paris – 斌杨Remix