Car Window Tinting Greenville SC is one of the best ways to not only improve the look of your vehicle but also the comfort and value of your vehicle. 

Your should know that Car Window Tinting film makes the vehicle’s glass safer…cutting out excessive glare to the eyes and cancer-causing rays to the skin, occupants are protected from the harmful effects of the sun. 

Car Window Tinting also helps to protect the interior surfaces from fading, discoloration and cracking, extending the life of your vehicle’s interior 

By having high-quality, high-performance tinting film installed you will cut down on unbearable interior heat, cooling the vehicle more efficiently and reducing fuel consumption.

Not ALL Tinting Films Are Created Equally…Things To Know Before Choosing Your Tint!

Car Window Tint comes in a range of shades, from clear right down to completely blacked out limo tint!

Therefore the shades of tint are determined through visual light transmission levels or VLT. They are represented as the percentage of the visible light that can pass through the window film. The lower the percentage, the darker the film is.


There are 3 things you need to consider when purchasing window tinting for your car… 


The first thing is…the Shade of the Tint

How light or dark you want your windows! 

Your shade decision can be a personal preference for the looks of your car… or are you wanting to match the fronts to the back factory tinted windows of your truck, SUV, or van? 

With multiple different tint shades available…We’ve got you covered…from classy light to full on dark privacy window tinting films!




The second thing to consider is…Heat Rejection 

How much IR…that’s infrared heat…from the sun do you want to block from your car? 

Blocking the IR heat is what keeps your car’s interior and passengers much cooler and your car more fuel-efficient! 

You can block up to 98% of IR heat if you choose to use Premium Nano Ceramic Film to tint your windows.




And finally, the third thing you need to consider is…UV Protection

Keeping those nasty cancer-causing UV rays out of your car is a very important consideration when choosing to tint your car’s windows.

All of our tint films block 99.9% of the harmful UV sun rays from entering your car…keeping you and your passengers safe! 




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PS. below is some more Automotive Window Tinting info for you to get value from.


Benefits of Professional Car Window Tinting Greenville SC Installation

If your car windows are not tinted, you may decide to give tinting a try. You’ll realize that you will enjoy decreased glare, increased UV protection, and a more comfortable interior temperature. However, DIY auto window tinting Greenville SC kits can be tricky to apply. You may have uneven results that make your vehicle look horrible. It is definitely wise to consult with professionals who are experts at car window tinting Greenville SC services. At Perfect Darkness Tint, we proudly serve the Greenville County area and have a great many years of experience with auto tinting. In no time, we will deliver top service to you and your vehicle. It is important to understand the benefits of working with a professional for car window tinting Greenville SC application.


Understand the Tint Laws For Car Window Tinting In Greenville SC

Every state has different laws regarding the application of auto window tint. In South Carolina, non-reflective tint is lawful on the windshield above the manufactures AS-1 line. Also, all vehicle windows must allow more than 27 percent of light to penetrate. If you decide to tint your windows without assistance, you must adhere to these regulations and make sure that you are purchasing the correct products. A tint expert comprehends the specifications that are necessary for South Carolina so that you have no worries about being fined. Perfect Darkness Tint uses a light meter to measure the VLT of your windows. We do the math to determine the VLT after the film is installed on the windows.

Correct Automotive Window Film Installation Methods

Car tint Greenville SC application requires precision so that correct adhesion occurs. This ensures long product usefulness. When conditions are not ideal, creases and bubbling may occur. Also, tint material is sensitive to temperature. Since the item is thin and delicate, it is simple to make costly mistakes that will need to be fixed. This means that more materials will be needed, which increases your cost. Hiring a professional for auto window tinting Greenville SC services means that you have a knowledgeable individual completing the job right without hassles. This person is trained and has the best tools to complete the job. In this manner, your car windows receive the best fit. Save more money, in the long run, by spending a bit more in the short term.

Receive Guaranteed Results With Car Window Tinting Greenville SC

Most window tinting products have guarantees for longevity and color. However, this only applies to a professional installation with higher-quality products. Also, professional car window tinting Greenville SC companies offer separate application guarantees. For example, the team at Perfect Darkness Tint offers perfect results. If there is a problem, a technician will re-tint any window that does not bring total satisfaction.


Potential Monetary Savings

Although you may think that it is cheaper to tint your own car windows without help, this is not always the case. As previously mentioned, it is quite common for mistakes to occur. This means that the job will need to be repeated. These extra supplies cost money. Also, it is necessary to purchase the correct application tools. Since you are a novice at tinting your car windows, you will likely have wasted film leftover from trimming or measuring incorrectly. A professional who specializes in car tint Greenville SC services will leave little waste. Also, don’t waste your money on cheap tints. Working with a professional saves you time as well. This is worth the small additional expense of having a professional complete your application. You simply drop off your vehicle so that the job can be finished quickly and right the first time.

Car Window Tinting Greenville SC Heightened Customer Service

A professional car window tinting Greenville SC company looks to deliver flawless results. Besides providing excellent application, you should have a positive interaction. At Perfect Darkness Tint, we offer useful tips that help you properly clean and care for your window tint. In the end, you feel positive about the entire process.

The Perfect Darkness Tint Difference

When you want to work with a car tint Greenville SC expert with over two decades of experience, you should look no further than Perfect Darkness Tint. Our awesome team is ready to help you achieve the results that make your car look good and that bring you a number of benefits. Our reputation speaks for itself. Over 230 individuals have given us top 5 Star Google reviews. When you want our “It’s Perfect” guarantee, contact us for an appointment at 864-778-8468.