I got an email about tinting the front 2 doors on a 2020 Jeep Grand Cherokee for Chris in Easley SC…

A True Story Of Another Customer That Went To A Different Tint Shop And Was Not Happy Until They Came To Me.

This Easley SC Tint 2 Doors is the Re – Tint Front 2 Doors email message I got from Chris on 9/18/2020

 “Hi, I bought a new vehicle (2020 Jeep Grand Cherokee).

I took the vehicle to (OTHER LOCAL SHOP NAME REMOVED) in Easley to get the front windows tinted. I told them, I wanted the front to match the back (factory tint) and they told me they could do it. But, after the tint was installed, I noticed it was completely different.

The factory tint seems to have a purple tint to it and the tint they installed on the front seems to be just a standard tint (almost seems to have a greenish tint to it). Anyways, this is the first new vehicle I’ve ever owned and it’s really important to me that any modifications are done correctly.

So, would you be able to remove the tint (OTHER LOCAL SHOP NAME REMOVED) installed on the front windows and more accurately match the factory tint that’s on the back windows? I’ll have to wait until payday next week before I make an appointment if you can.”

My Response:

Hi Christopher,

I would be happy to first take a look at it for you in person. Then I will let you know if it’s something I can match better.

Text or call me and let’s set a time to meet up.

All the best,
Perfect Darkness Tint

You Know You Want Your Windows Tinted!”

Easley SC Tint Front 2 Doors

Easley SC Tint Front 2 Doors

More to this Easley SC Tint blog post below…

Chris came to see me in Simpsonville SC… When Chris arrived I took a look at the front two tinted windows… The tint installation the other shop did was pretty good, mostly a really clean job. I metered the front windows to the back and the shade did match but the color was off. Chris said he paid for the middle-grade film option at the other shop…

I told Chris… It’s not always possible to completely match the front door window tint to the back door factory tinted windows. Did you know that factory tinted windows are colored glass? While the front windows are not really tinted, mostly clear glass sometimes has a hint of color to it. It’s different than the back.

Front windows on all vehicles are mostly clear… I would call them not tinted and clear glass… But the truth is if you take a meter to them they will read somewhere around 70%, to 80% to 90% give or take.

Remember the lower the number the darker it is… So limo tint is 5%, meaning it only lets in 5% of the light.

A 70% to 90% clear window will often have a slight color of its own. It’s really not noticed much because it is so light… Once you put darker aftermarket window film on top, it will show more of the color within the glass itself.

So with all that said… I pulled out a box of my nano-carbon film and was honest with Chris and say it really does not look like this color matches any better.

And as I was about to say I am sorry and send Chris on his way, I decided to pull out my Nano-Ceramic film that blocks up to 98% Heat from the sun… And the film did match in color better than what was on there from the other shop.

Most Of The Time When A Customer Wants To Match The Tint Front 2 Doors To The Back Factory Tinted Windows A Tint Shop Will Match The Shade But Not Always The Color… And Here Is Why…

I also want to note that I did mention to Chris… It is not really the other shop’s fault… Most of the time if a shop offers say; 3 lines of film at 3 different price points with 3 different levels of performance… and then the customer picks the middle-grade options/price point and wants to match the back doors… Then the tint shop picks the shade within that line that matches the best to what the customer is asking for.

Now I don’t know about this other shop’s higher-end film and if it would have matched better in color, but it just so happened that my higher end film did.

Although the color did match better than what was on there before, it still did not match exactly in color. Because of the different colors with the glass itself from the back doors to the front doors.

After I removed the tint for free, that was on there. I installed my highest performing film that matched in color a bit better for $250.

Chris now has a cleaner install, color is a closer match plus the most heat rejection you can get in the market.

Window Tinting In Easley SC… Check Out Chris’s Review:

Easley SC Tint Front 2 Doors

Easley SC Tint Front 2 Doors

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Easley SC Tint Front 2 Doors

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