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I was contacted by someone that was looking to get his windows tinted with a High-Quality Tint that has high heat rejection performance properties… He asked for ceramic film or something like that… I recommended to him the 3M Crystalline film, a higher-performing film than ceramic tint… See the correspondence between us down below.

Trust me you don’t want to miss this read.

Ceramic is a big buzz word out there right now… 

Here is a video from a buddy of mine in the window film industry… He is a window film distributor selling the film to tint shops all over the USA. Ralph Van Pelt is educating the ins and outs of Ceramic Window Tint here in this video.

I would definitely recommend ceramic film over anything else out there if you don’t want or can’t afford 3M Crystalline film.

3M Crystalline Film Heat Rejection 

Here is a video I did years ago that goes over the difference between Crystalline film and Color Stable film.

So maybe you have a BMW you want tinted or maybe you have a different kind of vehicle but either way take a look at the conversation below.

BMW Ceramic Window Film Tint

Before You, Pay For High-Quality Window Film, Read This…

 PROSPECT: 2017 BMW Gran Coupe X drive Space Gray Metallic with Dakota brown leather interior. Looking for ceramic or other high-quality tints for 4 sides and back window. Maybe 35 to be legal in most states? Ready to do it.

ME: Hi John, for that car with the 3M Crystalline film that blocks out up to 97% of IR heat, you’re looking at 50 for all windows, not including windshield or sunroof.

PROSPECT: When do you have an appointment and do I need to drop it off? And where?

ME: I could come mobile to your house if you have a garage space for me to work in, otherwise you can come to me. The job takes 3 to 4 hrs. Would this Saturday work for you, say 10 am?

PROSPECT: Saturday works for me. My girlfriend will pick me up. I assume dropping it off is easier for you. I also have a 2 car garage that I literally vacuum because I like to keep my car clean. Lol, It is my understanding this film is worth the extra money. Do you think that it is?

ME: Yes it is the best of the best. Been doing this for 20 years. Nothing on the market performs better. The darkest legal shade the crystalline comes in is 40% that still keeps it legal in this state. What’s your address? I’ll put you in the books for 10 am Saturday, February 1st.

PROSPECT: (Gives address..) cash or is check ok?

ME: Cash is king. But check works too. See you Saturday

PROSPECT: Hi Jeremy, I know you are good but I think your price is too high. You are 0 over a shop for the same 3M Crystalline film.

ME: Hi John, It’s up to you. The film is only part of the equation. I guarantee a perfect job. When you pay for a premium product it’s worth getting the best install of that product as well.

Perfect Darkness Tint 5Star Review

5Star Review Ceramic Window Film Tint

I maintain a 5star rating for a reason. I have been doing this for 23+ years now and have worked at many shops over the years and I know my standards in quality are higher than just about anyone else out there.

My Google and Yelp reviews speak for themselves. I can’t speak badly about any tint shop around here because I’m not them and don’t know what they do (not that I would if I did anyway) but I have seen many people in this industry drop their integrity.

Not All Window Tinters Are Created Equal –> Beware Of Dropped Ethics & Low Integrity In The Ceramic Window Tinting Industry

From saying they are using one film but use another when the customer isn’t looking, to not doing a quality install because the truth is Tinters know most customers (people) don’t know what they don’t know about window tint and pigs don’t know pigs stink.

Not you, because you’re looking for high-quality tinting, but most people think tint is just tint. Some people think tint only comes in dark shades. Many people think tint is only for the looks and are not aware of how there are different films on the market that perform many beneficial functions like UV protection, glare reduction and that around half of the purpose of ceramic window film is designed to block out energy and heat from the sun.

I’ve seen the owners have inexperienced tinters doing the jobs because either they themselves are not tinters and don’t know any better anyways or they just pay a low wage to the employee and leverage to make a profit without pride in the install.

I’ve seen installers on some pretty heavy drugs working on cars. I have seen tint shop owners that have poor attitudes and don’t treat their customers with respect. There is a reason why someone doesn’t value what they are offering. If they don’t value their own time how can they value yours?

The Value Product You Want Is Ceramic Window Film

I would say if you’re confident in the level of integrity the tint shop owner holds for the business and you can trust the installer has the experience and skill to do perfect work then go for it. But if you have any doubts let me break it down like this.

Say you spend 200 to get your car tinted somewhere else. But if the quality you were hoping for doesn’t turn out the way you would have like it… Let’s say you have to go back and spend more time for them to redo it. In the best-case scenario, they’re able to fix it and make it better.

Worst case scenario though, they weren’t able to do it right the first time and they won’t be able to do it right the second time. So then you come back to me and I have to charge you another 200 for full tint removal. Then you pay me 550 to re-tint your car.

That’s a total of 950 and a whole lot more of your time and headache you didn’t have to deal with. Think of it this way… I want to save you $400.

Trying to save yourself money by going cheaper can cost you more money in the long run.

I’m not going to compromise on price because I won’t compromise on my integrity in quality. But what I will do is give you a 30-day $1000 money-back guarantee. If you don’t like the experience and quality of the ceramic tint job you get with me.

I’ll remove the film for free and give you back up to 1000 or equal to what you paid if less than 1000. No one else will offer you that. Again, your choice. You let me know.

PROSPECT: I can’t do twice the price. The other installer has lots of 5-star reviews over the last decade as well. Sorry, we couldn’t come to an agreement.

ME: No worries John, I understand where you’re coming from. All the best.

Ceramic Window Film Tint

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