3M Color Stable Tint is the way to go for looks and different tint shades.

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3M Color Stable Tint Film comes in your 4 main shades…

For instance:

Light 50%
Light-medium 35%
Dark medium 20%
Dark 5%

In other words, the lower the number the darker the film is… as in the 5% limo tint only lets in 5% of the light.

3M not only has a Color Stable film line but there are also a few others, two I would recommend… a step down from Color Stable tint is the FX premium line and a step up from Color Stable would be the 3M Crystalline film, highest performing film on the market.

But anyway this post is more about the Color Stable line… What’s more with this video above we are talking about the 35% light-medium classy shade.

Gives the car an obvious tint to it yet not too dark not too late, right there in the middle medium classy shade.

3M Color Stable Film

Therefore the 3M color stable film is one of my favorite lines of film out there on the market. It has a lifetime warranty against fading, peeling, cracking, and changing color… that’s why it’s called Color Stable Tint.

It is a top of the line film. Backed by the oldest longest-standing window tinting brand out there on the market. 3M has been around for over 100 years and you know they are not going anywhere. 3M is here to stay and what that means to you as far as getting your windows tinted… its a film you can trust backed by a brand that can and will hold up its end if and when you ever need warranty work done.

The 3M Automotive Films Lifetime Warranties

However, if you didn’t know how you will know that the way the warranty works for the consumer, the customer of aftermarket window film is… If you go to a shop and get three and window film installed and ever need any warranty work done, it’s covered.

This means even if the shop or to go out of business or move locations out of your area or if you move out of the area, all you have to do is find another 3M dealer and we the dealer re-does the window tint job for you for free and then 3M reimburses us/the dealer/the shop for the work done on your vehicle or home or office.


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