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Hi Wen,

Hey this is Jeremy Creager

You just inquired about window tinting

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PS. You can also just text back your name, number, kind of vehicle you have, and what windows you want to be tinted and I will get back to you asap with your Window Tinting Price Quote.

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All the best, Jeremy
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From Window Tinting Price Quote Inquirer

Hi Jeremy,
Thanks for getting back to me. Can you give me a price quote by email? The car is a 2012 Mercedes C250 and we just want to get the rear passenger windows tinted (with 35% darkness as the law permits). Please let me know, thanks!

Wen & Judy

From Perfect Darkness Windows Tint

Hi Wen & Judy,

Unless you are not in CA (some states are different) you can legally tint the back half of your car as dark as you like, it’s the front windows that need to be 70% or lighter.

Window Tinting Price Quote: For the back half behind driver windows: 2 door cars are $250.00 4 door cars are $350.00 If you want to add the legal tint on the front two driver and passenger roll-up windows it’s only an extra $75.00 each.  I use only Lifetime Warranted Film plus my 100% Quality Guarantee.  By Appointment Only.  Let me know how I can best serve you.  All the best!

From Window Tint Quote Inquirer

Thanks for the pricing info. SO you are located in San Francisco, right? We are living in SF.

By the way for the price you quoted, is it before or after the discount??

Do you have a cash-only price that can give us some more discount?  Someone on the online discussion forum shared with me that it usually costs around $120 – $130 to get all 7 windows tinted.

Can you match that price? See:

best, Wen & Judy

From Perfect Darkness Windows Tint

Hi Wen & Judy,
You’re welcome for the pricing. Yes, I am located in the San Francisco Bay Area for mobile work, I can come to you if you have space for me to work in. But the main shop that I use is in Marin County, central San Rafael. (also have a location up in Sonoma County too.) For details of prices, you can go to and either optin for the FREE Tint Report on our blog or share that page on Facebook. If you are mainly concerned with getting a cheap tint price I am not really the tinter you are looking for. Plus, if that price is for a cheap film, then in about 3 to 5 years you will need to pay someone more money to strip off the faded tint with bubbles in it and pay to have them tinted all over again.

Feel Free to check out one of our latest blog posts titled The Color Purple Is Not for your Auto Windows, and Bubbles belong in Champagne!! here:

Also here is a post you might want to read as well about The Cost Of Car Window Tint

Last thoughts: you have a brand new beautiful nice 2012 Mercedes C250 that you most likely will keep for a long time, so my recommendation even if you don’t come to me is: invest the first time into High Quality and Service over cheap price. There is a saying;
Quality, Price & Service, pick two because you can’t have all 3. And you get what you pay for, that’s why you got the new Mercedes over a used Honda, is it not? Here is a potential breakdown of your options for your Window Tinting Price Quote:

  • $130 /find a cheap tint shop
  • $300 /in 3 years pay for old faded bubbly tint removal by professional quality tint shop
  • $500 /for High-Quality Lifetime Warranted film plus 100% Quality Guaranteed custom tint job.


$930 / Total cost within 3 to 5 years, not to mention potential faded car interior from the cheap film not performing well. (at the low end it’s $3000.00 to re-upholstered)

OR Get top Quality and Service. (the first time and save in the long run.)

  • $500 /for High-Quality Lifetime Warranted film plus 100% Quality Guaranteed custom tint job.


  • $500 /Total cost for Lifetime Warranted film plus 100% Quality Guaranteed

Well, I hope this helps, and let me know if you have any more questions about the Window Tinting Price Quote or would like to book an appointment.

All The Best,
Perfect Darkness Tint

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Perfect Darkness Tint - "It's Perfect" Guarantee!

Perfect Darkness Tint – “It’s Perfect” Guarantee!