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  • Rip-off #1: Super Cheap Pricing
  • Rip-off #2: The Old Bait & Switch
  • Rip-off #3: Let’s Just Agree to Say…

Quality, Price & Service: Pick two because you can’t have all three!”

FREE Auto Tint Report… “3 Common Window Tinting Rip-offs And How to Steer Clear Of Them!”

• Rip-off #1: Super Cheap Pricing:

The way the economy is most want to save a buck and get the best deals but not if your new window tint needs replacing in a year or two due to the cheaper tint film breaking down.

Are you setting yourself up to be ripped off?

What do you think the biggest reason is that a tint shop can charge so super cheap?

Well first, cars that you see with faded purple and bubbly tint, is a result of having cheap tint applied to them.

Unethical window tinters might not offer a legitimate warranty; they might not even be around in a few years to take care of your warranty work if you needed warranty work done.

If that were to happen, then you would have to pay a professional shop to remove the tint and also pay for reinstalling a new quality window film.

An honest, ethical, and professional window Tinter uses top of the line, scratch-resistant UV reflective window film with a lifetime warranty along with a personal guarantee on top of the manufacturer’s warranty.

One way to avoid getting ripped off is to go online and research top-quality automotive window film and then when you talk to the shop ask for that, and see what they say, to better make your decision.

• Rip-off #2: The Old Bait and Switch:

Some window Tinters like to use price as the bait for their false and misleading advertising.

They offer a cheap price; also known as “the bait,” often somewhere between $79 and $99 per vehicle.

Once you’re in their shop, however, they tell you the price quoted was for cheap film or only for one, or two windows, not the entire vehicle!

Then, they’ll pressure you into paying more than you originally thought you’d have to – also known as “the switch.”

It’s almost as if you were buying an automobile and found you were being charged additionally for the tires and the steering wheel.

Expert quality window tinting is reasonably priced when you think about all the benefits but it’s not as cheap as some of the more unethical tinters would like you to believe.

Protect yourself by getting a quote in writing to guarantee your satisfaction backed by integrity!

• Rip-off #3: Let’s Just Agree to Say:

Attitude Does Make A Difference: I don’t care how good the price was, how good the quality of tint was, or even how nice the job looked when it was done. Of course, all that matters, but…

If you got any kind of bad attitude or negative energy directed at you just because you were at the shop on someone’s bad day, you’re going to feel ripped off like you got something you didn’t deserve.

Like it was you who should’ve been paid to experience that bad attitude.
This rip-off is obviously more about your emotions because your emotions determine your everyday experiences.

To avoid being emotionally ripped off, check out their website online, to get a feel for them and then check out a couple of other local window Tinters’ sites to get a feel for what they offer.

Then call the other shops and see for yourself: who feels better?

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