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Hey there, friends are you looking for Window Tinting in Simpsonville SC for an Audi?

My name is Jeremy, but some call me Tint Master JC, after tinting windows for 22+ years now.

I have tinted windows from the west coast to the mid-west, to the east coast. A few other tinters and I have tinted cruise ships sailing around the Black Sea and the Virgin Islands.

I have been around in this industry for a while now. I am grateful for the opportunity this trade has given me.

Have you been thinking about getting your windows tinted in the Simpsonville SC Area? 

Do you own an Audi or about to buy one?

Let me introduce you to one of our latest customers… Meet Zack, a young guy with a sweet ride he did not want to look like a fishbowl anymore.

Zack just tinted his Audi S6 at our window tinting business Perfect Darkness Tint.

Zack wanted to get some higher-end heat rejection film on his ride so after showing him all the options he went with the Carbon Ceramic film.

Not only does ceramic window tint look great, but it’s also practical.

It’s not cheap but comes with a guarantee. Ceramic window tint keeps its cooler more than other types of films and offers up to 99% UVA and UVB protection on top of up to 98% IR heat rejection.

It will not interfere with navigation systems, Bluetooth devices, or any electrical accessories. It’s a non-metalized film.

Although nothing lasts forever, our ceramic window tints last for many years and come’s with a lifetime warranty. Our ceramic window tint offers great protection from harmful UV rays and interior fading, while still giving you a beautiful look inside your car.

It has great clarity looking out even with the darker shades… It’s always easier to see out than in with window film.

The carbon-ceramic window tint film gives the ultimate protection against heat and UV radiation.

The thermo-plastic alloys used in the film absorb approximately ten times as much heat as conventional window films, which not only brings the temperature reduction factor to a maximum (amongst competitive films) but also significantly lowers the interior temperature and reduces cooling requirements.

Acoustic dampening is also increased: road traffic noise and wind noise are reduced by up to 50%, and this reduces fatigue on your journey.

Zack got his¬†2013 Audi S6 windows tinted with the Pannaflex Carbon Ceramic 5% film that blocks up to 88% IR Heat…at Perfect Darkness Tint.

Check out Zack’s awesome¬†Automotive Window Tinting Simpsonville SC¬†5 Star Google Review!

Automotive Window Tinting 5 Star Review

Carbon Ceramic Film Ceramic Window Tinting Pannaflex Window Tinting Simpsonville SC Audi S6

Then feel free to read many more of¬†our reviews¬†and go ahead and cross-check our reviews vs. the local competitor’s reviews.

It’s important to feel into who is the right fit for you.

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Meanwhile I have added a few more other Audi vehicles pictures (some before and after tint) over the years as well.

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Jeremy Creager aka Tint Master JC

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