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Can Window Tinting help save you $$$?

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Why are you waiting when window tinting can save you money now?

Who isn’t looking to save money on gas these days, when prices here in Santa Rosa, Ca and the North Bay Area have gone up in dollars a gallon in the last few years?

When I fill up I spend a minimum of 40 to 60 bucks every 3 or 4 days and that adds up at the end of every month.

As a window tinter, I think about the value that I can offer to people and to tint someone’s windows is one way for me to do that.  Another way is to share the value and benefits of window tinting with you, whether you come do business with me or not.

See, most (not all) people get their windows tinted for the looks and have no idea about the other benefits of window tinting.  Obviously the one we are talking about today is “Does Window Tinting Really Save on Gas?” And yes, absolutely it does when the sun is out and it is hot.

So you’re in your car and it’s hot outside, if your windows are not tinted, what do you do?  You turn the air conditioner on, which makes your vehicle consume gas even faster.

Now, I am not saying that tinting the windows on your vehicle will make it so you never have to use air conditioning again, but with high quality film that rejects up to and sometimes more than 50% of the heat from the sun, you’ll definitely use your air-conditioning less, saving you more gas, which saves you money.

Not only does tinting your vehicles windows save on gas, but you even save money in the long run. You could say tinting your windows is like putting money in your pocket!