This is a Perfect Darkness Window Tinting video post for you to check out!

I know it’s a old video I did from back in the day at my first Tint shop in Santa Rosa CA. Now we are in Simpsonville, Greenville County in the Upstate of South Carolina. We have brought our integrity, our master level skills and our 5 Star Window Tinting services to this area.

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Jeremy Creager here at Perfect Darkness Tint, your perfect choice for window tinting. I want to show you guys how beautiful this job turned out–In the video, we show you around the car so you can see how good it looks! You’ll know for sure that when you bring yours in, it will look just as flawless. Get more information at By Appointment Only call (864) 778-TINT (8468)
The above video is from back in the day, maybe around 2006 or 2007 so don’t mind the old video recording quality.
Perfect Darkness Tint - "It's Perfect" Guarantee!

Perfect Darkness Tint – “It’s Perfect” Guarantee!