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Can You Beat The Bay Area Heat And Stay Cool In Your Car?

Man is it getting hot!

I read somewhere that so many kids filled the pool at the Finley Aquatic Center that it was hard to find an empty patch of water as refuge from the 102-degree, record-breaking heat in Santa Rosa CA back in July of 2008. Temperatures like that can really broil your vehicle on the road!

Big hot reasons for window tinting:
Temperatures are hot, hotter, and really hot. In addition to Santa Rosa, Sonoma County cities with readings above 100 degrees were: Petaluma, 101; Windsor, 103; Healdsburg, 106, and Cloverdale, 110. Ukiah also reached 110 degrees. And in Lake County, Middletown registered a scorching 115 degrees.

So what about window tinting and staying cool when you’re in your car and out of the water?
Can you beat the heat without window tinting?

Do you have to drive in traffic every day exposed to the hot sun?

Have you envisioned how cool your car will look with tinted windows?

Everyone knows that window tinting looks sleek and stylish, but not everyone knows that high-quality window tinting film blocks up to 50% (& sometimes more) of the heat from the sun. And that can make a big difference.

If you want to learn more about Window Tinting and Sun Safety, you should read this blog post. made some great points– Go read it now!

Can you imagine how cool you’ll look and feel as you beat the heat when driving around the Bay Area with automotive window tinting applied to your vehicle?

How about helping your kids or even your pets to stay cool with window tinting when they are in the car?

If you want to beat the heat, let help you with your window tinting needs because we love to make a difference.

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