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Thank you for coming to Perfect Darkness your perfect choice for window tinting.
My name is Jeremy Creager, and I am the owner here at Perfect Darkness. In the video below, I show you Will’s ‪E 500 Mercedes Benz‬ car all tinted and what he had to say about it.Another beautiful Tint Job here at Perfect Darkness.

Our customer Will says, “My name is Will, and this is my E 500 Mercedes, just got this done here at Perfect Darkness and man it’s great, love it, love everything that he did to this. Got the taillights here done, and had it customized with the white parts cut out and just blacked out the red. And it came out perfect just as I thought and I would recommend him to anybody come here (Perfect Darkness) and I am definitely going to have my fiancee come here when she gets her car and get it done here cause it a better job done here then I have seen anywhere else.”

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