Welcome and Hello Tint World… It’s Perfect Darkness Tint Here.


Enjoy the above video… it’s an old video done at our old tint shop back in CA.

Greetings, how have you been? Hope all is well.

Well, this is the first blog post here at Perfect Darkness Tint. Just an introduction new blog post to say hello to the tint world out there. 

We have been around in this window tinting industry for many years… over two full decades now… Going on 20+ years full-time as a professional high-end window Tinter… aka, Master Tinter at your service. Or Tint Master JC here to serve your window tinting needs.

Also, I have been known to be called the Tint Jesus. 🙂

I started Perfect Darkness Tint back in 2006, 6 years after I began learning how to tint windows.

Therefore if you are looking for a window tint quote you can contact us today!

In addition by the way, below is a pic from one of our video testimonials showing our old Perfect Darkness Window Tinting sign that one of my brothers airbrushed for me.

Hello Tint World! Welcome to Perfect Darkness Tint

However, it’s sad to say I no longer have that sign anymore. But still wanted to show you.

Above all, I do love this window tinting industry. Taking pride in my work has been a passion of mine. I really hope you can see that by taking a look around my website as well as checking out my 5Star Reviews on the review sites.

Tinting On The Other Side Of The World

Window Tinting has treated me well over the years. I have even been paid to tint windows around the world… For instance in Span, Italy, and Greece among others. You can ask me about it when you see me face to face and I am happy to tell you.

In other words… Yep, tint world… I am known as a world-renowned window tinter.

Tint Trainer

I have trained people to tint windows… One guy, I trained at one of the Tint World shops out in IL.

I trained one of my brothers to tint windows. Also, a guy that did not speak any English so that was interesting as I did not speak his native tongue either.

In the conclusion of this little blog post, I want to say thanks for stopping by, feel free to reach out and say hi.

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