Automobile Window Tinting is an art form
requiring precision and accuracy.

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Perfect Darkness Tint provides expert Window Tinting for over 23 years. Master level experience in the automotive window tinting industry. It is my belief that when getting your windows tinted it is wise to use a lifetime warranted line of auto tint film, installed with the best craftsmanship. Otherwise, you run the risk of needing to come back within 3 years and paying up to a few hundred dollars to get the faded purple and bubbling auto tint film removed, then to turn around and invest the money to do it right the second tint around.

Also, No purple Auto Tint windows… Guaranteed!

Testimonial: I am delighted to recommend to anyone looking to get their windows tinted. Jeremy is wonderful to work with, offering expert craftsmanship, competitive pricing, and clear friendly communication. I was having difficulty with bright lights, both during the day and at night. Tinting the windows of my car has helped me feel safer on the road. Jeremy answered all my questions and even called a couple of weeks after installation to inquire about my satisfaction with the results. He’s the best. -DH

Benefits Of Auto Tint On Your Windows

Heat rejection and a custom look for your automobile are the two primary reasons that most people consider auto window tinting.
But there are many other good reasons to tint your windows–

Auto Window Tinting substantially reduces glare.

Whether it’s the blinding glare of the sun or the headlights of a night-time tailgater, tinted windows are an answer to the problem.

Auto Tinting protects you and your car from harmful UVA and UVB rays.

Auto Tinting has also been associated with increased security for your automotive vehicle since a would-be thief is less likely to bother with what he cannot see. Out of sight, out of mind, is what Auto Tint can provide. Additionally, select film security films reduce the risk of window glass being shattered in the first place.

Recently, some window film manufacturers have introduced safety tinting that can strengthen your windows to the point that it’s even difficult to break through the windows using a baseball bat!

In the event of an auto accident, window tinting can help shattered glass hold together, helping to prevent injuries inside of the car as a result of sharp glass splinters.

Tinting the windows of your automobile can provide years of added comfort and safety to you, your family, and your vehicle.

Dollar for dollar, auto tint is one of the best aftermarket investments to improve the looks, feel, comfort, and safety of your car.


When I first called to get my free estimate, they immediately offered to tint my windows that same day! The owner of the business was so friendly and he helped me find the perfect tint that would look great on my car. They did an awesome job and it only took a couple of hours. They are fast, skilled, and strive to satisfy their customers. I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for a tinting job.
Just be prepared for your car to look extra HOT after the job is done! – Vanessa, Napa, BMW, 7/24/07

Educate Yourself Before Buying Auto Tint!

While the decision to tint your windows seems like a simple one, a little research will show that there is much to consider.

From a monetary perspective, the price for tinting can vary substantially from one shop to another for the same vehicle… sometimes as much as double!

This is partially due to the difference in experience and efficiency from one installer to the other.
Just as often, the difference is due to quality variations in the auto tint materials used.

There are many different auto tint films available, from many manufacturers.
Selection of auto tint film type (non-reflective, dyed films, full metal, polyester, etc.) and color (gray, smoke, charcoal, bronze, etc.) is primarily a matter of personal preference.

But, whatever your decision, insist on the best quality auto tint material… you will be thankful in the years to come!

There are also different auto tint installation methods.

Rear windows can usually be formed from one piece of tinting material.
The one-piece rear window installation, when possible, is preferable over the rear window being installed in several pieces.

One-piece rear windows can also cost more due to the extra time and expertise needed for this type of auto tint installation.

The price each shop charges for vehicles can depend on several variables.
Three of the most important are:

1. Brand Name

2. Type of auto tint material used

3. Quality of the installation itself

The major auto tint manufacturers usually have three and sometimes four different qualities of tinting film materials available to the local Auto Tint Shops:
  • 1. The lowest quality is referred to as a non-reflective/dyed material.

This type of tinting, usually the cheapest, has the shortest guarantee and has a tendency to turn purple and form bubbles over time.

  • 2. Next is hybrid or high-performance tinting which is the best selling product nationwide, the big difference is hybrid tinting rejects much more solar heat and the product warranties are much better than the standard non-reflective products.

Most major tinting manufacturers offer extended or lifetime warranties for hybrid/high-performance products.

  • 3. The next grades of products are the relatively new full metal auto tinting materials.

These products usually have the same or slightly higher solar heat rejection statistics when compared to hybrid auto tint materials.
The warranties for full metal tinting are usually a lifetime.

  • 4. The newest film out on the market is a revolutionary nano-carbon polyester that provides an incredible look, never turns purple, and provides high heat rejection with no signal interference that some metalized film can do.

Making the right decision on having your windows tinted will add comfort, beauty, safety, and value to your automotive tinted ride for years to come. Care should be taken in choosing what type of auto tint material best suits your needs.

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Perfect Darkness Tint - "It's Perfect" Guarantee!

Perfect Darkness Tint – “It’s Perfect” Guarantee!

Get Auto Tint Quotes Here!