Update: this Color Stable Automotive Films post is from years ago when we tinted in the SF Bay Area of CA.

We are the best the bay area has to
offer when it comes to quality 3m
Color Stable Window Tint Installation.

Just ask David!

From David, a Satisfied Customer in Mill Valley, Ca

Hi Jeremy,

It was good to talk to you. I just called my wife after we spoke.

She also called around and got an estimate for $300.
I’d rather work with you as you were recommended by Barsotti’s.

If you can match that, let’s do it….
Would 10:30 AM on Monday work okay?
Just want to make sure I’m not putting my daughter down for a nap when you arrive.


Jeremy Creager, Owner of Perfect Darkness:

“Hi, Dave,

It was good to talk to you also! Thanks for giving me this opportunity to share my window tinting wisdom and experience with you.

I want you to know that I support you in whatever you decide as ultimately I truly want and wish you to do what is best for you and your family.

About the price; For me, I set my prices to what I feel congruent with what my value is for what I offer.
It’s an integrity piece.
And I will be the first to tell you that I am not the cheapest around, as I set my own standard with high-quality products, impeccable workmanship, and service from the heart.

If you are truly looking for cheap tint jobs or to save a lot of money, I am more than happy to recommend some good shops up in Santa Rosa that will tint your whole car for around $250.

Likewise, there are not so good quality (in my judgment) shops that will do it for even less than that.

You wanted to know if I can match your other quote for tinting the back half of your car, but I don’t know what, other than the price, I would be matching in terms of service–

*Are they happy and willing to come to your house?

*Have they been tinting for 12 years or longer?

*Does the owner of the shop tint windows himself and does he know what standards of quality to uphold?

*Are they using Lifetime Warranted film?

*Are they using non-metalized film that won’t interfere with your antennas and or radio receptions?

*Do they have a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on the quality of the job?

*Was the Tinter factory trained and certified?

*Do they work/tint and live with intentions of integrity, honesty, and respect?

*Did they come highly recommended?

A dear friend, mentor, meditation teacher, spiritual coach, and old window tinting boss at another shop years ago used to say; “You have Quality, Low Price, and Great Service, but pick two because you can’t have all three”.

It’s just my intention to offer top Quality and Service.

I would like to think of myself as modest and don’t really like to brag so I created what might be the largest collection of Window Tinting Video Testimonials of happy customers on our website here:

Click Video Testimonials… 

I use only Lifetime Warranted Film plus my 100% Quality Guarantee.

Perfect Darkness Tint - "It's Perfect" Guarantee!

Perfect Darkness Tint – “It’s Perfect” Guarantee!

The Window Tinting Price Quote: If you just want to add legal tint on the front two drivers and passenger roll-up windows it’s only an extra $100.00 each.
$200 for just two front driver and passenger windows.

Window Tinting Prices For just the back half behind driver windows:

$250 for the back half of a 2 door car $350 for the back half of a 4 door car

The Window Tinting Prices on Full Tint Jobs:

$450 for full tint on a 2 door car (without windshield)

$550 for full tint on a 4 door car (without windshield)

$700 for full tint on 2 door car including the windshield

$800 for full tint on 4 door car including the windshield

Window Tinting Price Quote a la carte break down: I Do Have A $150 minimum per job.

Roll up windows are $100.00 each.

Corner windows are $50.00 to $75.00 each.

The rear back window is $150.00 to $250.00

Hope that helps and please let me know how I can serve you.

So with all that said, if you are still interested I am happy to show up at 10:30 am on Monday 3/12/12 for $350.00/back half.

Please Confirm.

PS. Even though we don’t know each other much I am very happy for you and your wife for the new member of your family. I wanted to give you a little bit of info on the film I think would be perfect for the back half of your car, to help protect your baby from the sun.

It’s the Carbon 18% Black film.
It’s a dark medium looking in, but it’s really easy to see out of.

Our Window Tinting Prices Product Specifications:

– Visible Light Transmittance 18%

– Total Solar Energy Rejected 44%

– Reflectivity 5%

– UV Rejected 99%

If that’s not what you’re looking for, we have other options.

All the best,

Jeremy Creager aka Tint Master JC


See you then!”


“You got it!”

All the best,
Jeremy Creager

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