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Why “Perfect Darkness Tint” Is:
The Best High End Automotive Window Tinting In The Simpsonville, South Carolina Area!

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Here’s more about our Automotive Tinting Services and this is how it will work:

Only Master Tinter’s – We don’t practice on your car like some other shops do! (Seen it with my own two eyes)

Integrity Backed Quality Guarantee – Our workmanship is done with pride for perfection!

 Lifetime Warranted Film –  We redo the job free for you and the film manufacture reimburses us if the film needs replacing.

And So Much More…

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How Fast You Can Get All These Automotive Window Tinting Benefits?
When It’s PerfectDarkness “Tint!…”

What are the benefits of Automotive Window Tinting?

Beyond the aesthetic appeal of having your vehicle’s windows professionally tinted, there are many practical benefits as well.

If you haven’t considered automotive window tinting before, consider this:

It adds a level of safety Automotive Window Tinting serves as an added source of shatter resistance.

Window Glass Shatter Protection – If you are ever involved in an accident, or your windows are struck, the film works to keep your window together reducing the risk of injury to yourself or your passengers.

It adds privacy – Having the ability to see your surroundings clearly without those outside seeing in adds a level of privacy to the interior of your vehicle.

Our company offers a range of tint shades – ranging from 72% NanoFlex Premium Ceramic to 5% limo tint Carbon Film, remaining in accordance with South Carolina state law.

Also it adds protection from the sun – One of the most common reasons we see for auto tint application is its assistance against the beautiful, but sometimes harsh South Carolina sun.

Repelling nearly 65%+ of the sun’s heat – will protect you and your car’s interior, while lowering your dependence on air conditioning (thus saving you money on gas)!

UV A and UV B Rays Protection – Even more importantly, up to 99.9% of UV rays are repelled by automotive window tinting film.

The brand we use boasts an amazing 1700+ SPF rating! Endorsed by the Skin Cancer Foundation, quality Automotive window film will drastically reduce potential damage done by harmful UV rays over time.

And So Much More…

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Tinting back window

You Could Literally Be Just A Few Steps Away From GETTING YOUR Automotive WINDOWS TINTED!… but do you know which ones?

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Just ask anyone of our past customers how they feel!

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A Few Words of Warning! Before you get your auto tint quotes…

Dont forget We don’t monkey around with cheap automotive window tinting…

This is not for you if you don’t want high quality or anyone who’s not serious or willing to put their money where their mouth is. 

Don’t apply if you don’t understand that it takes money to get high-end automotive window tinting services.

At Perfect Darkness Tint, we know you’ll love your vehicle a lot more when it’s done the right way the first time with the best film on the market, but don’t think this is free… or even cheap!

Remember Experience trumps all.

We don’t compete, we collaborate.

If… “You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know About High-Quality Automotive Window Tinting” and you don’t want to learn from the experts then we are not the right tint shop for you…


Also please stay clear of doing business with us if you are below the “Integrity Line” and not an honorable person…

We value our time and self-worth so we know how to value yours! Because “the way you do anything is the way you do everything”…

Don’t forget this, then you might as well have forgotten everything I’ve told you so far. So make sure you don’t forget this or else you would have wasted all of your time so far… and that would be just too bad.


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Highest Quality Auto Film

Why We Tint With Integrity

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Expert Automotive Window Tinting

Now that you know what I can do for you and your vehicle, consider me your concierge for all of your Window Tinting needs!

Automotive Window Tinting

I want you to imagine…..

Slipping into your silver 2001 Lamborghini, and traveling through the quiet roads of South Carolina.

As you head down Sunset Boulevard, all eyes are on you.

The windows are slightly cracked, and you can feel the cool breeze blowing in as you round the curves of the country road. You cruise up to the setting for the evening…

A party is taking place, a gala event.

As you scale the long drive up to the mansion, the red carpet has been rolled out for you, so you can take your spot amongst the other guests.

All eyes are on you because after all, your windows have been tinted by Perfect Darkness!
Imagine the reaction if you didn’t have Perfect Darkness Tint.

The level of surprise and dismay as you pull up with cheap, faded purple or bubbling window tint just isn’t a good start for the evening.

In the same vein make a perfect first impression.

Don’t leave your windows to just anyone.
et us lead your vehicle into Perfect Darkness Tint Services….

“You Know You Want Your Windows Tinted!”

It is time for you to get the Perfect Tint Job you know you want.

Stop the heat and interior damage from the sun, reduce the glaring lights from other cars, create privacy and enhance the appearance of your vehicle today!

Every day you are at risk of serious sun exposure and sun damage when you drive your car, truck, or SUV without protection.

The installation of window film on your vehicle helps combat ultraviolet rays.
It acts like sunglasses for the windows of your ride and provides 99.9 UVA and UVB protection.

Now, What Do I Do?
Get Your Auto Tint Quotes.

If you’ve decided to take the step and get a professional window tinting application done, let us first say “Congratulations!”, it is a practical and stylish investment that will pay off for years to come.

When being a resident of South Carolina, the Simpsonville and Greenville County area, or live in any of the other service areas listed above, we await your call. Our master tinter will work with you to understand your specific window tinting needs, and to discuss booking an appointment.

During the assessment time, one of our professionals will guide you through finding the perfect tint for your vehicle, to suit your ideal look and feel.

In this phase, you will have the chance to find out the approximate application time, book your service, and receive a quote on the overall cost.

We would like to take this final opportunity to say thank you to all of our loyal customers who have helped us grow and prosper over the last decade-plus, and to welcome all our new customers into the family.

Looking forward to serving you for decades to come.

(NOTE: Below you will see Testimonial Videos From our old location in the San Francisco Bay Area, CA.)

1st Review Video

2nd Review Video

3rd Review Video


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