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Serving all of San Francisco, Marin County, Sonoma County, the Bay Area and North Bay for the last 13 years.

What Film Do the Celebrities Buy?

  • Film that is just a shade lighter
  • This film allows you to be seen in your posh ride, but leaves the onlookers wondering
  • This film WILL NEVER turn purple!
  • Still keeps heat out just like the darker tints!
  • Yes, the lighter, high-end film still PREVENTS SKIN CANCER!
  • This shade is still legal!
  • You can still drive at night and see everything as you would during the day!
  • This film has a lifetime warranty!
  • The craftsmanship is also guaranteed for a lifetime!
  • All jobs are done by the expert in window tint, guaranteed!
  • You get bragging rights with your family that you have the highest quality tint available!
  • You are valued as a high-end client with Perfect Darkness Tint!
  • The best, highest quality installation for your tint that only someone with 13 years of professional experience can do!
  • The owner does it all, ensuring only the finest quality and the highest of standards possible!
  • Because I use only the highest quality tint, you won’t have any interference with your antenna!
  • I am factory trained and certified!
  • I come personally recommended by many high end automotive shop owners, including:
    • San Fransisco BMW
    • San Fransisco Mini
    • Sonnen BMW in San Rafael, California

Want to know what my current customers have to say? Be sure to check out my video testimonials from tons of satisfied customers that have experienced my high quality installation and integrity first-hand! http://perfectdarknesstint.com/testimonials


Now that you know what I can do for you and your windows, consider me your concierge for your Window Tinting needs!

I want you to imagine…..

Slipping into your candy apple red Porsche Panamera, and traveling through the quiet hills of California. As you head down Sunset Boulevard, all eyes are on you. The windows are slightly cracked so you can feel the cool breeze coming off the ocean as you corner the curves of the Hills you cruise up to the setting for the evening…

A party is taking a place, a gala event. As you scale up the long drive to the mansion, the red carpet has been rolled out for you, so you can take your spot amongst the other guests.

All eyes are on you, because after all your windows have been tinted by Perfect Darkness!

Imagine the reaction if you didn’t have Perfect Darkness Tint? The level of surprise as you pull up with purple windows just isn’t a good fit for the evening.

Doesn’t the saying go in San Fransisco that he with the darkest windows wins? It could be that he with the best sports car wins too, or both.

Don’t leave your windows to just anyone, and don’t buy tint sight unseen. Let me lead your vehicle into Perfect Darkness….

Welcome To Perfect Darkness Tint Home of High Quality Window Tinting


Window TintingExcellence With Integrity

PDT offers High Quality Top Of The Line Custom Lifetime Warranted Automotive Window Tinting.

We provide a specialist Window Tinting service for exclusive vehicles, and even sometimes homes and business’s. Window Tinting

Perfect Darkness Tint offers a fully mobile window tinting service across the North Bay and Bay Area CA.

Window TintingWe are the ultimate prestige vehicle tinting specialists.

Perfect Darkness Tint is headed by Jeremy Creager a international master tinter recognized by many for his unrivaled art and skill in preparing and installing automotive window film on some of the world’s most cherished automobiles.

It is time for you to get the Perfect Tint Job you know you want.

Stop the heat and interior damage from the sun, reduce the glaring lights from other cars, create privacy and improve the appearance of your vehicle today!

Every day you are at risk of serious sun exposure and sun damage when you drive your car without protection. The installation of window film on your car helps combat ultraviolet rays. It acts like sunglasses for the windows of your car and provides 99.9 UVA and UVB protection.

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